A Day in the Life of Everyone.

I am stoked to introduce a new project of mine.  This idea has been in my head for over a year and a half now.  I finally bit the bullet and jumped in full force.  My working title is “A Day in the Life of Everyone.”  An an attempt to connect with more people that I would otherwise have no reason to ever meet, to show that we are all very similar and, yet, at the same time unique and to push my concept that we are all connected, I have decided to ask several people from around the globe to take a written record of one day in their life.  Along with that day, they will send me a photograph of themselves and tell me their favorite color.

These 3 items will turn into an full gallery installation artwork.  I CANNOT WAIT for that part.  The installation is my favorite part.  But, first, I must gather enough volunteers, create a linocut print of each and everyone of them.  Decide exactly how I am going to show the work, find a gallery that is willing to host it and all the other stuff I won’t bore you with.

But, it will happen.  It is happening.  It feels good to be making work again.

Check out the blog dedicated to the project:  http://adayinthelifeartproject.blogspot.com/

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