A house is a house is a house or is it?

I have been working for quite a while with a wonderful woman and friend to get all of the houses she has ever lived in drawn and framed for her.  We started with her current abode and have moved onto new states and new homes.  Some are apartments, others are part of a duplex.  All have a unique character to them and they felt like home while she was there.

The two newest editions to this custom collection are homes in Sausalito, California.

ink drawing of a house in sausalito


ink drawing of a house in sausalito

I have been having a great deal of fun with this project!  I love custom work because you are never bored.  A client always comes up with something you would never think of on your own.  The next drawing involves somewhat of a collage.  She spent time living in two apartment buildings in New York and we decided to draw them together on one piece of paper.  Look for that in the coming weeks.

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