A little bit of summer here and there.

I hate to complain about the Bay Area, because it is pretty much perfect. But, I have to admit, this has been the lamest summer, weather wise, thus far. I am talking fog every single day. And, not the nice morning fog that makes you relax in the morning and slowly wake up to the day. I am talking about fog all day every day. I feel like I might as well move back to Oregon in the winter (but have it be like that all year round). Grey is becoming my not so favorite color.

Luckily for Tom, Neko and me we were able to take a long vacation a couple of weeks ago. We had straight sun for 2 whole weeks! I actually got a little red on my cheeks. It felt nice to feel the warmth of the sun. For the first week of our trip we visited with my side of the family in Utah. There were nephews galore, food, drinks, hikes, cousins, brothers, sisters, dads, moms, lots of stuff!

Sam and Braden even found time to go on a date.
Neko likes to feel the wind of her face.
Olivia, Paige, Dylan, Braden

Tennyson is always ready to clean.

For the second week Tom and I visited with his parents at their new cabin in Southern Colorado. They have an awesome plot of land with a 360 degree view. I helped out around the house when I could (they just had a frame and a toilet when we arrived), but spent most of my time laying on the deck watching the clouds role in and out of my view.

The view from the deck of the cabin.

Needless to say, it was hard to adjust when we returned. Back to phones, computers, traffic, people, etc. But, it has been a few weeks and I think I am back into the swing.

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  1. Was touched to see pics of the girlies from our WONDERFUL trip. BTW- Paige has picked out a picture for you to paint for her– of Sugar!!
    Love that we spent our vacation with you- I was able to find healing from many years of hurt – in a short time that was full of love and acceptance. Thank you for being part of my journey….

  2. Hi Jen! Sorry, your comment was buried under a bunch of spam! I am glad I found it. Tom and I had such a great time getting to know you and your family more over the summer. We are already trying to figure out a way for it to happen each year! Tell Paige to send me her favorite photo of Sugar and I will paint it for her!

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