A side project.

Something I have been interested in for as long as I’ve been interested in art, is the connections between particular artworks and the goings ons inside the artist’s world. An example might be the story behind the painting of the Sistene Chapel. There are styles within that room that set up the art world of the future. But, were there other artists who were painting in a similar fashion? What was going on in Michelangelo’s personal and social life at the time? How did that influence the way he painted? What was going on in Italy at the time and how did that change the shape of the art?

These questions I have and the connections I want to figure out stem from my philosophical belief that absolutely everything and everyone is connected. Every event influences the next (sort of a rippling effect). Every person’s actions today set up the world we will all experience tomorrow. So on and so forth. So, I am on a mission to write a sort of art history book that includes the connections and influences of the society that existed during the time the work was created and the culture the artist was experiencing at the time he/she completed the piece.

I have already attempted to do this on another blog, but decided I was focusing too much on the facts. I was listing the time and place that each work was made and the artists birth and death–important facts there’s no doubt, but I want to dig deeper. I want to trust myself to make inferences. I will record them and hopefully someday be able to map out all of the connections I come up with.

The question I have now is, should I pick an event in history that shaped and changed the world and go from there or should I pick a century and learn all I can from it? I started with the 15th century for my last blog and found some interesting books, but not many. Perhaps I will pick an event and go from there. I’ll keep you all posted.

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