A self portrait of Lauren Odell Usher

Artist Statement

I believe that everything matters. I use recycled material as my canvas, combine it with both familiar and unrecognizable imagery in an attempt to communicate that every event from the past has created the world we see and experience today. I am obsessed with exploring the many layers of relationship from the intimate to the unknown, human-to-human, past-to-present, and human-to-nature.

My art expresses my ideas about chaos and coincidence. From the extreme mundane activities of eating, sleeping and brushing one’s teeth, to dramatic and historical events that centuries will continue to hear about, they all hold meaning. They are what connect us with one another—with our past and with the future.


Thank you Mom and Dad.

Thank you Dad for always reminding me the journey is just as significant as the outcome.
Thank you Mom for showing me everyday what generosity looks like.
I have come so far and know that I have much more to learn.
Thank you for teaching me to always be open and to follow my heart.
I know that whatever path I take I will never be walking it alone.