Artist Statement

I go through the following thought process often. Everything matters. Every step I take, every action I make, leads to the next and it all holds meaning. From the mundane to the once in a lifetime moments, they are all significant. We are all significant. We live together in a web of life each carrying a string along with us as we add or take away from the design. We are all connected. Eventually, the ripples of my life intersect with every other person’s life. We all have so much power and so little control at the very same time. Every single day, we depend on people we have not and will never meet. All of this is terrifyingly beautiful to me.

My artwork is often influenced by this thought process. Sometimes I hope to connect. Sometimes I hope to empower. Sometimes I hope to create a sense of responsibility. Other times it’s a personal reminder to slow down and soak it all in. This moment, right now, is unique and will pass us by. It will happen and then it will be over, never to happen again. That’s both overwhelming and exhilarating to me. Creating art is my way of constantly working through the emotions this thought process brings up for me.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

Thank you Dad for always reminding me the journey is just as significant as the outcome.
Thank you Mom for showing me everyday what generosity looks like.
I have come so far and know that I have much more to learn.
Thank you for teaching me to always be open and to follow my heart.
I know that whatever path I take I will never be walking it alone.