Want to participate in my art project?

I am always looking for volunteers to help with my art projects.

Show me your stuff.

Update: I am no longer collecting images for this project. Thanks! -Lauren —————————- Ok. I need some help with a new art work I would like to create.  All I need is an image of your living room. Here are details if you are interested: 1.  Take a photo of your living room at...

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Update on a Particular Project

Update: I am no longer pursuing this art piece. Thanks for those who volunteered and sent images my way. Perhaps someday I will continue work on it… I have not been as diligent as I would like to be in terms of collecting material for my Significant Stranger Project. In the beginning, the project...

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Art Project #1

So, I am finishing up my current project and would like to begin another. Here is the deal for this new idea of mine. The title of this new project is “Significant Strangers.” I believe that every single person on this earth, both past and present, has had an effect on my life. That...

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