What I intend to do with this blog.

I guess I should explain the linguistics of this blog. I am using it to essentially make participatory art. What is that, one might ask. My definition is art that is made by both an artist (who comes up with the idea) and non-artists of any kind. With my art, the participation happens before the final product is made. I am aware of many artists who enjoy enticing their audience to intervene with the work while it is hung in a gallery/exhibition/public space, etc. I keep myself humble by not just relying on myself for a definition of art, but invite all who choose to help me in that process. It adds a ton of chance to the work, I never know what I may end up with, which is great in my opinion. It is similar to life, you never know what will be thrown at you.

One of the main projects in which I have involved non-artists will be showcased in an exhibition coming up in Berkeley, CA opening June 25th, 2007. The work will be shown at the Arts and Consciousness Gallery located at 2956 San Pablo Avenue, 2nd Floor.

For this project I had people take pictures of themselves for one month consecutively at the moment they woke up in the morning. I took those images to create artwork. If you would like to see the outcome of that project please visit my website and click on the Projects link. I will also be adding some opportunities for those interested to join in on one of my upcoming projects. So, keep an eye out. Until then, take care.