Putting the pieces back together.


It was strange going through a dead person’s clothes.  Especially since I knew him.  I hadn’t seen him for quite a while, so all the memories I have of him are from elementary school.  He died young. I gathered his old clothes and comforter from his mother and told her I would make a memory quilt. My favorite part of the whole piece is that his comforter is used as the stuffing for the quilt. So, most of the quilt is “made of him.”


I know it’s only a quilt and it doesn’t change the fact that he’s gone and he left too soon.  I hope as time passes it will become a reminder of good memories instead of a painful loss.

Pear Ginger Scones and a Necklace

detail shot of pear ginger scones

detail shot of pear ginger scones

Over the weekend, I made some outstanding (if I do say so myself) Pear Ginger Scones and a tutorial to add to my collection on How to Reuse it Creatively.

a woman wearing a necklace made from tshirts

If you have a pile of old t-shirts hanging around, check out the tutorial here for a creative way to make a t-shirt necklace.