Stainless makes me speechless

I discovered the magic artwork of Adam Magyar a while back through a Medium article. He is revolutionizing the way we can capture and view images. I am in love with his work. It is haunting, amazing, awe inspiring, breathtaking, mesmerizing, and beautiful. He captures a moment in a way we have never been able to before.

When I look at his work I feel so many sides of humanity. The connection we all share, the loneliness we can all experience even as we stand side by side. The sweetness children deliver to any space they reside. He shows us the extraordinary in what most people do ordinarily.

Check it out. You will watch it again and again.


Adam Magyar – Stainless, Alexanderplatz (excerpt), 2011 from Adam Magyar on Vimeo.

Space Jumper

If you haven’t watched this video yet, sit down and watch it right now.




I can’t get enough of how mind blowing it is that this actually happened. And that someone did it over 50 years ago and survived. What?! What a crazy, brave, awesome person Felix Baumgartner is.

Thank you.

And to everyone else that was involved with this whole super amazing, goose bump inducing, adrenaline pumping endeavor. You are an inspiration to us all.

YAY space exploration.
YAY science.

Pick up your sh*t

a black plastic bag on grass
a black plastic bag on grass
Plastic Bag, Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, California

So, I have what will most likely be a never ending photography series with the working title, “Pick Up Your Shit.”  My husband and I go on a great deal of outdoor adventures and I am sad to say that each time we are out and about in nature I find that someone has littered.  For some reason it makes me even more angry to find litter when I’m surrounded by trees, water, or mountains compared to when I’m walking up and down concrete streets.  So, to deal with my anger I started photographing the litter to someday show in a gallery space.  When I can reach it and carry it, I pick up the litter and throw it away.

Needless to say, I was a giddy little girl when I discovered Litterati, an online storage space for found (and hopefully picked up) litter.  Started by a Bay Area man himself, Litterati asks you to take 4 steps and join their revolution.

1. Find a piece of litter.

2. Photograph it with Instagram.

3. Add the hashtag “#litterati”

4. Throw away the litter.