My Artwork

The Red Bed

scrunched up red bed sheets

It’s amazing what new vantage points you’ll find for a photograph as you chase a 15 month old around the house. I found this composition as I watched my little one climb up and down the bed to pet the dog. by

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Toy Aftermath

A playpen after a baby attack

It’s funny that someone so small can make such a big impact. by

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Light, Lines, and Paisley

Light shining through a paisley curtain

The sun comes out to say “Hi!” every once in a while and changes the whole dynamic of this place.     by

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Leather, light, and line.

leather light and line of a couch

The leather couch is starting to show some memories of her own. by

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Crinkled and Cozy

an aerial view of my bed

Our bed becomes a different sculpture each night. Sometimes it calls for a photographic record. by

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