Records of Life

A project focused on finding art in the everyday. I am attempting to photograph every inch of my home.

Looking through a blurred window

looking at trees through a blurred window

Perspective is always an interesting discussion whether your speaking of an artwork or life. Everyone looks at life through a blurred window, shaped by their gender, ethnicity, circumstances, and so much more. The first step is to realize that the window will always be blurred. To be okay with that, and look at the...

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Hello rain.

Rain drizzling against a window. Records of Life. A collection of photographs by Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see you again. by

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The Red Bed

scrunched up red bed sheets

It’s amazing what new vantage points you’ll find for a photograph as you chase a 15 month old around the house. I found this composition as I watched my little one climb up and down the bed to pet the dog. by

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Toy Aftermath

A playpen after a baby attack

It’s funny that someone so small can make such a big impact. by

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Light, Lines, and Paisley

Light shining through a paisley curtain

The sun comes out to say “Hi!” every once in a while and changes the whole dynamic of this place.     by

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