Records of Life

A project focused on finding art in the everyday. I am attempting to photograph every inch of my home.

Inside and Outside Light

abstract photograph of a textured window with light on both sides

This textured window creates its own abstract paintings every hour of every day. by

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The living room

straight on image of an apartment living room

It feels a bit cramped in here today. by

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From across the hallway

a dog looks at her owner from across the house

She sees me and I see her.   by

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An Homage

a digital art piece of a woman blowing out birthday candles

Apologies for not posting my 30for30equals30 artwork yesterday, but my computer decided she needed the day off. Google Chrome got the best of her and slowed her way down. After several frustrated conversations, we were both able to forgive each other for my taking her for granted and her just randomly deciding to freeze...

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Perhaps it’s time to say good-bye.

a dying bouquet of flowers in front of a mirror

I haven’t been able to work up the nerve to toss these lovelys into the compost bin.  They are slowly disappearing on their own.  A different picture everyday. by

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