An Homage

a digital art piece of a woman blowing out birthday candles

Apologies for not posting my 30for30equals30 artwork yesterday, but my computer decided she needed the day off. Google Chrome got the best of her and slowed her way down. After several frustrated conversations, we were both able to forgive each other for my taking her for granted and her just randomly deciding to freeze and give me a black screen. We’re taking a short break from Google Chrome and will reinstall here shortly. Long story short, here’s yesterday’s art break!

An Homage to my Home.

I will be moving to a whole new state three weeks from tomorrow. I’ve known for a few months now and have been slowly packing the house and making appointments with movers and the like, but have still not fully realized what moving means. This is the place where I married my husband. It’s the place our first son was born. It’s a place I figured out (with the help of school and friends) what kind of artist I want to be. The Bay Area has taught me so much and given me so much. It has also frustrated me in several ways too. I love and hate to say goodbye. I decided to capture some of my favorite compositions in my house so that I will never forget them.

a yellow wall with texture and a tiny peek out of a window

looking through a screen door

looking up to a popcorn ceiling and a pink light shade

a door knob and a mirror

sun shining through a curtain

a wall with a striped bath curtain in the distance


And, today, for Day number 4 of 30for30equals30, I am paying homage to my Grandmother, Mildred. May she rest in peace.


a digital art piece of a woman blowing out birthday candles
Even at 90 years old my grandmother still blew out all of her birthday candles.