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What it feels like to be in an art show

linocut print of a woman looking over her shoulder printed on used notebook paper that has been sewn together

Tomorrow I will be driving out to the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon to see my artwork next to several other artists’s work. It is my first group exhibition since moving to Corvallis last September. This will the 20th time my work has been exhibited. I am anxious, excited, nervous, giddy, satisfied, prideful,...

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I moved


My little family and I moved to a new state last month. We went from a big city to a small town. Here are some things I’ve noticed so far. 1. People are friendlier. I don’t get a grimace back when I make eye contact and smile at someone when I walk by them....

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The Value of Art. (in my humble opinion)

As my organization, Art is Moving, is in the front end of a 45 day fundraising campaign, I was inspired to write a letter to everyone about why I am a believer in art. Here it is. ———————————— Dear Everyone, I believe in art. I believe in its power to bring out the best...

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Photographing Tragedy

Photograph by John Tlumacki

I know I’m not alone when I say that photography has a lot to do with memory for me. There are images that I look at from my childhood that transport me back in time. I love the feeling of nostalgia and treasure it. I think about that when I photograph my almost brand...

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Behind Closed Doors

image of artwork by basquiat

I often think to myself that you don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors.  Apparently, sometimes that’s true.  An ex-girlfriend of Basquiat’s, Alexis Adler, has just revealed that her apartment is covered with his artwork. Besides murals on her walls she also has photographs, notes, clothing, and sketches. Why take 30 years...

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