New Art–Feminist Bras

portrait printed on a bra

portrait printed on a bra

Here are just the beginnings of this piece. I still need to print more women on bras and figure out how to show them. I am leaning towards pinning them along a rope, but don’t know for sure yet. Also, I am considering using underpants as well, but don’t know that those really deliver the concept as well.

portrait printed on a bra

I’m torn between the above image and the first image as being my favorite thus far. I just love the look of this (above) piece. Susan B. Anthony looking so serious on a pink bra kind of gives me the giggles. But, on another note the mixing of sex and feminism that the first picture delivers is also powerful. But, there are more bras to come so I’m sure that my opinion may change. I’m actually surprising myself lately–I’ve started to use colored ink. This has hardly occurred over the past 4 years, so I’m anxious to see where I am taken.

portrait printed on a bra

I will keep you updated.

Process–Original Owners Piece

portraits printed and painted on cereal boxes and milk cartons

So, another beginnings of a new work. I find these days that I am bouncing from one piece to the next every other second. I can’t seem to remain hooked on one work in order to finish it. Don’t know why that is, but I will share another piece I am in the middle of building on.

portraits printed and painted on cereal boxes and milk cartons

These two pieces will be combined with many many other pieces like them. I hope to fill a huge shelf with piles of containers holding products I have used. For now I am trying to print the original owners of the particular companies on the product containers. I may combine them with current workers, board of directors, etc. in the future, but I haven’t decided yet.

I also want to print larger faces on more than one container–make sort of a puzzle.

I will keep you updated on how this process goes and hope to get one of these done eventually.


The Shoe Piece

a close up of a painting on the backs of shoes

painting on the bottom of shoes a close up of a painting on the backs of shoes

So, this is another piece that is in the works–It is as hard as I thought it would be! But, I think when I am finished with it in a few months it will look awesome.

This piece involves not only significant strangers, but a significant event. For this project as a whole I am attempting to use events that have occurred both before I was born and also during my lifetime in order to communicate the idea that the past has set up the world we live in today and we (as a collective whole) are, everyday, setting up the world future generations will reside in.

Photography has always been a significant art form and practice for me. I chose a particular photograph I remember being powerful for me the first time I saw it when I was younger. It was taken as Elizabeth Eckford entered Little Rock Central High in Arkansas in 1957.

painting on the bottom of shoes

I decided to use this photograph as my subject matter for my shoe piece. What I mean by “shoe piece” is I am painting on the bottoms of shoes that have been worn down by various individuals. I hope to conceptually deliver the message of “take a walk in my shoes.” Like most of my work this piece is about perspective and attempting to show the connections we all share.

September 11th Piece

detail of a newspaper with portraits drawn on it

Okay, so just wanted to give you all another glimpse into my “Significant Stranger Project”

faces of victims from September 11th drawn on a newspaper from September 12th

I have a couple images to show you of what will end up being about 10 percent of the final product. I do not believe I will be done with this one until at least a year from now. We shall see.

This idea spawned from the events that took place in the United States on September 11th, 2001.

This project is about the connections we all share and I have picked September 11th, 2001 as an event that I believe reminded people of that fact. I do not believe there was a person alive on that day that didn’t feel connected in some way to the events or people that took place. In terms of my life philosophy and the concept behind this work, all of those who died on that day were effecting my life somehow. And them no longer being present on earth had another significant effect on my life.

They are all significant strangers.

detail of a newspaper with portraits drawn on it

Each face is approximately 2 inches x 2 inches. So far I am inclined to draw all of them in pencil. That may change in the future, but who knows.

This project has become quite surreal for me, if I am completely honest. While I am collecting the photographs I am reading paragraphs and paragraphs of loss. I know I will never feel what those who lost loved ones felt and still feel today, but I’m going to try. And I will most certainly try and communicate the connections we all share so perhaps more people will realize their own true significance and potential.

Let me know what you think.