OOO! Here’s an idea!

Same Name

diptych portait images of the same woman

I recently received a nice comment from Lauren Usher. She’s also an artist and has obviously googled herself like I do every once in a while.  It’s always strange to come across a person that has the same name as you.  I’m already curious about the lives strangers lead, but even more curious when...

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A side project.

Something I have been interested in for as long as I’ve been interested in art, is the connections between particular artworks and the goings ons inside the artist’s world. An example might be the story behind the painting of the Sistene Chapel. There are styles within that room that set up the art world...

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A New Idea

I wanted to write this down before I forget. I have a new project idea. So, because my concept involves really living moment to moment and cherishing everything you experience and everyone you meet I want to capture my attempts at becoming more conscious of my own life. I have decided that at some...

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