Upcycled Unlimited

My makeshift product photography studio.

earrings made from playing cards hanging on a planter

I have been re-examining how I photograph my upcycled products for display in my online store.  Having done a bit of research of other successful online stores and paying attention to my own online shopping tendencies I realized my photographs may be a bit too much.  The backgrounds are distracting one’s eyes away from...

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My Creative Reuse in Muir Beach.

Last year I was a vendor at the Muir Beach Holiday Arts Fair for the first time.  I had such a blast that I am doing it again this year (and for as many more years as I can!).  If you are in the neighborhood, feel like chatting, or want to spend a day...

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Coffee is my savior.

tshirt with an picture of a coffee mug with angel wings and a halo

I love to make t-shirts and have decided to give a couple of my ideas a try.  I have attempted quite a few times to go the regular route of screen printing.  What I mean is, UV sensitive goop that you put on a screen that has a transparency taped to it that will...

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