Flicking the troll off my shoulder

I’ve been in a bit of a downward spiral about my current art endeavors for a while now. I’m quite certain it has to do with both becoming a mother and moving to a new area. Both seem to have rocked my confidence level into roller coaster overdrive. One minute I’m high as a kite feeling like I can do anything, the next I’m drowning in self doubt quicksand.

But, last week, I decided to get over myself and give that gross troll on my shoulder a big heave-ho. I clicked the “share” button and started putting a new photography project out into the world. I’m really happy I did. So far, Evoking Memory, a project about identity, memory, everyday life, and motherhood, has been well received. I’ve been happy to share about an image a day with the world and invite feedback, thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. for anyone who feels the urge.

You can read more about project here.

And, here’s one of my favorites from the collection (so far).

An image from a photography project entitled Evoking Memory. It's about motherhood, identity, memory, and everyday life for a stay at home mom who happens to be a photographer.

I can’t say the troll is gone forever. He’s planted some deep roots. But, I am aware of the silliness of self judgment and work everyday at both not being so hard on myself (and others), having gratitude for the fact that I get to live life, and that I have the opportunity to pursue this art that sometimes tortures me so.

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