French Macaroons

My one and only decided to challenge me a bit for last week’s baking recipe. He kept saying a baked good until my eyes “showed a little fear,” and that’s what he ended with. So, French Macaroons was the final decision.

three french macaroons sit on a white plate

I had never made a French Macaroon and so I decided to start with the standard, plain flavor. I went with Martha Stewart’s recipe as a guide. I made a few adjustments due to lack of supplies and laziness.

I haven’t had a chance to buy myself a new pastry bag set, so I used a spoon to scoop out the dough onto the baking sheet. That would be one of the reasons my macaroons ended up about 3 times the size of a normal macaroon. I also only sifted my flour/sugar once. And, I used granulated sugar instead of superfine sugar.

french macaroons sit on a white plate in a kitchen with a mixer and a stove

I was going to be make a Swiss Merengue Buttercream for the filling, but at the last minute changed my mind and used Alton Brown’s Honey Butter Recipe. In all honesty, the buttercream recipe was for a whole cake and I didn’t want to do math early in the morning to try and figure out the amounts for filling 6 macaroons. I know, my culinary teacher would be so upset with me. These are the things you are supposed to take care of days in advance, not on a whim at 6am the day you are baking. Oops.


In the end, besides being a tad bit weird looking around the edges, they turned out pretty well. I got not suggestions for improvement from my husband, so I think we have a winner! I will say, from my end, they were super rich. The honey butter on the inside certainly contributed to the richness. The dough is much stickier than I imagined. And, my favorite part is also the most frustrating part. They are very delicate and break easily, but that also means they are crisp and light when you bite into them.

Next time, I’ll try for a flavor. I’m feeling the color pink lately. Maybe we’ll go for strawberry macaroons.

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