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Tom and I have been really lucky this summer in terms of getting to see our family.

Getting married was one excuse and we all know how fun that was. Since then, Tom and I have been to Wyoming, Catalina Island, and Michigan to see our family.

Cody, WY

We visited with the Ushers, Foxes and Calls. We all stayed in a huge cabin just outside of Yellowstone. Amazing views! On our first day we saw a Mama Moose with two of her youngsters. One the last day we saw the Papa Moose! What a sight that was. Grandma Usher had not met her two youngest great-grandchildren, so that was a treat for her. It was awesome to have all of us all together in one space. We drove down some excellent roads, ate some delicious meals and laughed a lot!


Catalina Island, CA

This was a quick trip, but worth it. Tom and I met up with Mom and Dad, Taylor, Maggie, and Tennyson, Daniel, Sam and Braden and Betsy and Dylan to relax and hang out. That we did. We toured around the city of Avalon for about half a day, then got ice cream and walked around the harbor. Braden and Dylan got to play in the sand for a couple of hours. Constant entertainment for me.
Grand Rapids, MI

Both of Tom’s Grandparents (on his Mom’s side) turned 80 this year! There was a family reunion organized to get everyone together to celebrate. I met Tom’s Grandmother, Lorraine, for the first time. We discovered where Tom gets his sarcastic edge (: Got to see Grandpa Bill again–always a treat. Emily and Mike made the trip, so we got to see her preggerbelly which is always fun. Also met Aunt Barb, Cousins Justin and Karen, Uncles Pat and Jim and some other folks from around the way. We learned how to play a game called “CornHole” Addictive and fun!

The same weekend we went to Michigan we took a day trip to Denver to see Matt and Liz get hitched! We only got to stay a few hours, but I’m glad we did. Had some great conversations, got to see the two love birds say “I do!” and hang with Gabe and Katie for some fun times!

Matt and Liz's Wedding

Along with traveling non-stop, Tom and I have also been enjoying the fruits of Tom’s labor. Our garden has been pretty darn successful considering the crazy weather we’ve had this summer. We’ve eaten fresh salads, used our herbs for chicken, and are awaiting our tomatoes that are just starting to turn red!

two white bowls filled with spinach tomatoes and dressing


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