Getting reacquainted with photography

I bought myself a Christmas present this year. That hasn’t happened in a while. That’s a good thing because this year’s present was fairly expensive. I’ve re-discovered my passion (more like obsession) with photography in the last several months. For that reason, I thought I’d reward myself with a new camera so that the world could begin to see what I see in higher quality. Mostly, it’s a reward for getting over myself.

You forget that you had to learn how to hold a camera until you get a new one. The buttons are in a different place, the weight is not the same. It feels bulky and wrong. But, at the same time it feels so right. It’s scary and new and exciting and I can’t wait to take hundreds of horrible images as I slowly discover a rhythm with my new friend.

Its about time I take my passion a bit more seriously. It’s amazing that I believed more in myself as a photographer when I was 14 years old than I did in the last 5 years. It feels good to be reaching back in time to that girl that just had to have her camera with her and didn’t know any other way to speak to the world except through photographs.

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