I have no idea what I am doing.

A few months back I mentioned that I was experimenting with some fabrics and thread to create new fiber artworks.

I have no idea what I am doing.

This is the first time I’ve created work with no predetermined concept, no sketching, no sense of where I am going.

To be honest, I don’t like it. I’m too impatient for this kind of work. I’m too afraid it will turn out to be a waste of time.

fiber artwork

And yet, I know I need to keep working on it. I’m drawn to it for some reason. There’s something about being lost inside an artwork that I need right now. It’s making me slow down somehow. Since I don’t know where the “end” is, what the final product is supposed to be, I’m not really in a hurry to get there.

various fabrics embroidered together

I’m still waiting for this to turn into the meditative, relaxing exercise I was hoping it would.

I have a feeling that just isn’t the kind of artist I am.

And, I’m ok with that.

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