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Earth Day Quilt

So, I collected a ton of “Quilt Patches” during the Fremont Earth Day Fair back in April.  Now the time has come for me to figure out a way to sew them all together.  The problems I am facing are the fact that the materials I am using are extremely fragile and usually do not get sewn together with a sewing machine.  Ignoring those two obstacles, I don’t think I should have much of a problem.

Since the quilt is made up of newspaper and manila folders, I wanted to protect it with some kind of covering.  I found some old transparencies my husband donated to my “reuse it” pile of materials and it is working out great!  I am sewing the the plastic transparency to the top of the patches and sewing the patches together at the same time.

I don’t know how large the quilt is going to be yet, as I am just sort of organically sewing it together.  That seems to be the way I work when it comes to sewing, I don’t know why.  But, as soon as I am finished I’ll take a photo and show you the final project.

I have contacted a few people down in Fremont in hopes of displaying the quilt when it is finished.  What I would really like is to have it on permanent display somewhere in the city.  I’ll keep you posted (that’s the best pun I have ever made-I know, not very good.)

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