Lookin’ good art!

My friend just sent me an image of one of my monoprints hanging in his living room.  He made the wood framing device himself!  I love alternative hanging styles for work.  I often feel like a frame is constricting and keeps the art “in a box” which is the exact opposite of what art is supposed to do.

a monoprint with red, white, and blue colors in abstraction

This is work from around 9 years ago.  Certainly not the same as what I am up to today.  When my friend first saw the piece he said something along the lines of, “It is nice to have work that gives me an idea of your history and where you have come from.”  It was really sweet.

The funny thing about getting this image in my inbox today is that it makes me want to make work like that again!  Perhaps I will delve into the abstract world for a while.  I do wonder what the abstract work my current self would create.

We shall see.

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