My makeshift product photography studio.

I have been re-examining how I photograph my upcycled products for display in my online store.  Having done a bit of research of other successful online stores and paying attention to my own online shopping tendencies I realized my photographs may be a bit too much.  The backgrounds are distracting one’s eyes away from the product.

earrings made from playing cards hanging on a planter

I have come to realize that the best way to show off a product is to show ONLY the product.

I do not have the money for a photography studio or even the proper lighting.  So, I am depending on my makeshift studio, natural lighting, my tripod and Photoshop in hopes it will do the trick.

table covered with a white table cloth

Because I feel like white backgrounds are so atrociously boring (not in all photographs, just in my products shots) I have made a compromise with myself that the first photograph someone sees of the product will be the boring white background shot.  The rest can be detail shots and ONE artsy-fartsy photograph is allowed for each product if I feel the urge.

We will see how my customers respond to this makeover when it is complete!

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