New Art–Feminist Bras

portrait printed on a bra

Here are just the beginnings of this piece. I still need to print more women on bras and figure out how to show them. I am leaning towards pinning them along a rope, but don’t know for sure yet. Also, I am considering using underpants as well, but don’t know that those really deliver the concept as well.

portrait printed on a bra

I’m torn between the above image and the first image as being my favorite thus far. I just love the look of this (above) piece. Susan B. Anthony looking so serious on a pink bra kind of gives me the giggles. But, on another note the mixing of sex and feminism that the first picture delivers is also powerful. But, there are more bras to come so I’m sure that my opinion may change. I’m actually surprising myself lately–I’ve started to use colored ink. This has hardly occurred over the past 4 years, so I’m anxious to see where I am taken.

portrait printed on a bra

I will keep you updated.

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