September 11th Piece

detail of a newspaper with portraits drawn on it

Okay, so just wanted to give you all another glimpse into my “Significant Stranger Project” I have a couple images to show you of what will end up being about 10 percent of the final product. I do not believe I will be done with this one until at least a year from now....

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Mary Kann


I wanted to add a few other images to give you all an idea of what I have been working on lately. This piece started with buying about 250 postcards from ebay. Upon receiving them I noticed they were all addressed to the same woman, Mary Kann. I preceded to ask the nice gentleman...

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Update on Significant Stranger Project

a portrait of a young woman printed on her local newspaper

Well, things are going really well with this project. I have a good amount of volunteers sending me photos and newspapers–thank you all. I wanted to post an image of a piece I just completed to give you all an idea of what I mean to do with your portrait. This particular piece is...

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Art Project #1

So, I am finishing up my current project and would like to begin another. Here is the deal for this new idea of mine. The title of this new project is “Significant Strangers.” I believe that every single person on this earth, both past and present, has had an effect on my life. That...

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What I intend to do with this blog.

I guess I should explain the linguistics of this blog. I am using it to essentially make participatory art. What is that, one might ask. My definition is art that is made by both an artist (who comes up with the idea) and non-artists of any kind. With my art, the participation happens before...

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