Current Work

Exquisite Corvallis

Exquisite Corvallis is currently installed at The Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon.


Project Description / Exquisite Corvallis

A stark and seemingly empty space will fill up over time as viewers choose to interact, participate, and develop an art installation. The Exquisite Corvallis is about engaging the community, all while creating a space ripe for collaboration, conversation, and connection. The art project expands on the foundation of the Exquisite Corpse and asks the community of Corvallis to create their own hidden masterpiece each person and section at a time. Three blank rolls of paper will be installed separately along the gallery walls. Incoming viewers will be prompted to participate and continue a drawing where the last person stopped. Only a few lines will be available for inspiration. That participant will be asked to roll up the paper so that only a few lines of their drawing shows to the next person. A week prior to the exhibition’s closing the three artworks will be revealed and exhibited to the community that helped create it.

Complex Community

Complex Community from Lauren Sharpton on Vimeo.

Project Description / Complex Community

Microbiomes are complex communities in which a diverse assortment of microorganisms coexist in an ecological landscape. This organic entity is dynamic; as the environmental conditions change so to does the composition and the diversity of the microbiome.

Complex Community is an interactive artwork designed to aesthetically demonstrate through participation the ecological principles of community assembly and succession, biodiversity, and carrying capacity. Upon approaching the artwork, viewers will be prompted to participate by:

1. Picking one of a variety of oil pastels.
2. Drawing one gesture, line, or shape of any size at any location on a 24” x 36” clayboard.

After each viewer makes their mark and photograph will be captured to document the change that occurs.

Each user contributes to a changing artistic landscape that abstractly represents how microbiomes change over time.

This artwork includes an in-gallery experience wherein users participate in the creation and transformation of the art. This empowers people to make art and provides an experiential learning opportunity; participants physically contribute to the diversification of the complex image that the community creates. There also exists an out-of-gallery experience that catalogs how the art piece changed over the course of its existence. This is similar to the methods scientists use to study how microbiomes change over time. Ultimately, Complex Communities leverages the diversity of gallery patrons to provide an educational context about fundamental processes relevant to microbiomes.

Complex Community was created and exhibited at The Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon during MICROBIOME: To See The Unseen. 

Exhibition Dates: April 13 – May 27, 2017

The art and artist were spotlighted by the gallery through an interview and article here. 

The Self and Portrait Project

Project Description / The Self and Portrait Project
A stark and seemingly empty space will fill up over time as viewers choose to interact, participate, and develop an art installation. TheSelf and Portrait Project is about perspective, conversation, and community. By engaging an audience through self reflection questions we hope to ignite a simultaneous inner and outer dialog. By asking personal questions in a public space we aim to widen perspectives and encourage a different and hopefully deeper thought process. Perhaps the audience will not only think in terms of self, but also in terms of other.  By being interaction and participation based we strive to inspire connection and conversation on several levels, including artist to viewer, viewer to art, viewer to self, viewer to viewer, stranger to stranger, and citizen to city. While viewers interact and become participants and art makers they also become art objects. Each participant will be asked to stand and be photographed by us. A piece of each participant will make up a whole portrait that will come to represent the city of Corvallis.

The Self and Portrait Project was an art happening and interactive art event that occurred during Window on Art 2016 in Downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Six artists were selected to create temporary artworks inside a storefront window all while the public watched. I collaborated with Katrina Henry to create a text and photographic portrait of Corvallis.