So, in an attempt to shed my art past and hopefully get out a current funk I have started tearing apart and getting rid of my old work.  This seems pretty crazy to me and I don’t feel good while I am partaking in the act of cutting apart my large installation pieces.  But honestly at this point I don’t know what else to do.  I do not enjoy looking at boxes that are and will never go anywhere.  They have passed their prime and are no longer eligible for current art exhibitions.  And, I don’t plan on having a retrospective and even if I did the work wouldn’t make it that long.  So, as everything in life has a cycle, so must my artwork.

The first piece I decided to dismantle was “Toilet Paper” which was created in 2007 and consists of 30 rolls of toilet paper with several portraits printed on them.  Have a look.

TP 4

So, after unpacking it, tossing some of it, saving the clean toilet paper for later use and keeping the images I think I might turn into new works, this is what I am left with.

toilet paper with faces printed on it that have been cut apart

A much smaller box and a somewhat calmer mind.

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