Same Name

I recently received a nice comment from Lauren Usher. She’s also an artist and has obviously googled herself like I do every once in a while.  It’s always strange to come across a person that has the same name as you.  I’m already curious about the lives strangers lead, but even more curious when the person has the same name.  They’re walking around representing me in a way.  What are the Lauren’s of the world up to?  Are they leading a good path and creating a world I want to live in?  Are there Lauren’s out there giving all of us other Lauren’s a bad name?

Maybe these thoughts make me a narcissist. Oh well.

It did spawn an idea about a new art project.  What if I gathered as many Lauren Ushers as I could find and asked each one of them to send me a photograph from a significant event in their life as well as a photograph that is just random and feels mundane.  All those images I receive would be printed uniformly (same size, color management, etc) and hung together in one space.  A whole new Lauren would be born.

diptych portait images of the same woman
Left: Wedding Day / Right: Waking up on January 5, 2005

I tossed this idea my brother’s way and he reminded me that I have another name to consider, my married name. That opens a whole other can of worms.

The mouse wheels in my head are certainly turning.

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