Mary Kann

a black and white painting of a woman on a chair on postcards

Mary (a portrait of a woman painted on postcards sent to her)

I wanted to add a few other images to give you all an idea of what I have been working on lately. This piece started with buying about 250 postcards from ebay. Upon receiving them I noticed they were all addressed to the same woman, Mary Kann. I preceded to ask the nice gentleman who sold me these postcards if he had an image of this woman so that I could join the two (the woman and the postcards) together.

I am so happy to report that he did and I have successfully combined Mary Kann with her postcards and developed another piece for my Significant Stranger Project. There is a front and back to this installation, but I am only showing you the front. The back is all the written text that Mary received, mainly from her daughter Dot, over several decades. I plan on showing it as a free standing sculpture that may be seen from all sides.

detail of a black and white portrait painting of a woman

Detail of Mary

Enjoy the images. It’s still in the working phases, but you can get an idea of where I am going with this particular piece. I am working on about three more at the moment and will keep you updated as the time passes.

Again, I am always looking for volunteers, so if you are a stranger, which most of you out there are (to me), check out my post entitled New Art Project #1 to get more details.

Thanks again! Lauren

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