Space changes perception.

Art created using every day materials

Art created using every day materials

Wow!  I just got images back from my most recent solo exhibition at the Wiseman Gallery in Grants Pass, Oregon.  It is truly amazing what space can do for an artwork and concept.  The installation was done so well, I’m glad there was great care taken in producing a lovely “mini” exhibiton of my “I’m a Terrible Morning Person” Project.

I wish I could have made it to the actual space to see the exhibition.  I think the huge amounts of space left between the works and the fact that walls separated some of them really changed the vibe of the whole show.  I would have liked to see first hand what the work was saying to the viewer.  This is why I love showing my work in as many places as possible; it keeps morphing into something entirely new.

Check out the images and tell me what they say to you.

Art created using every day materials


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