Starting to scratch the surface.

piles of fabric and package of needles and some embroidery thread sitting on a coffee table

There’s that feeling when you know you are about to start something. That a new series is just about ready for you to create it. There’s excitement, fear, anticipation, impatience, and eagerness, all wrapped up inside me ready to burst out and get to work. This is the fuzziest I have ever been about a final artwork. I am such a planner that I usually have the entire installation organized in my head before the work begins.

This time around the plan is to let the material do the talking. That is crazy town for me. I don’t really even know what that means yet. Right now, it is me giving my brain a rest and letting my hands take over a bit. Instead of high anxiety, labor of love, I am working towards a relaxing, go with the flow, work ethic.

I have no idea how long it will last and really don’t know if anyone will ever see a final artwork. I just know that I have some fabric, needles, and thread and I’m going to start sewing some stuff together.

I will think about the rest later.

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