Winter in Alaska – Linocut Print Series


A couple of months back I spent about two weeks in the Great White North.  Most of my time was spent indoors staring out large windows.  I was lucky the scenery was easy on the eyes.  I did snowshoe a few times and get to venture down a trail that seemed to only have about 2 other visitors.  When I arrived back home I had several vivid visual memories.

I’m excited to share my 5 print Winter in Alaska series.  Most of my prints from the last 3 years or so have started with a photograph.  This is the first time in a long time that a print has been influenced by a memory.  It’s a huge departure from my installation and project based work and I am loving it!  I told someone the other day that I’m trying to fully embrace all 8 Lauren’s that live inside me.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my Lauren’s.  The printmaker.

silouette snow

sunset tree

There are 9 originals of each of the 5 prints (except the sun at the top of the page – there are only 8).  I will be selling both the originals and an unlimited edition of giclee prints at my shop.  CLICK HERE to visit The Print Studio.

Another month has come and gone…

sophia and her baby blue eyes close up

Well, I know that most of you are probably thinking the same thing, but man oh man is time flying right now!

November came and went. It was full of working, tutoring, purse making and much, much more!

For the past 10 days or so, Tom and I vacationed in Fairbanks, Alaska and hung out with his family. Emily, Tom’s sister, just had a beautiful baby girl, so we spent a great deal of time oogling over her (:

a baby girl takes a nap on her uncles chest

There was a “birth”day party for Sophia, with a delicious cake that even had the number zero on it!

detail shot of a strawberry birthday cake

Coco got a bit jealous each time attention was poured over Sophia, so I made sure she got a little time in the spotlight.

dog walking towards to camera

Thanksgiving was full of yummy dishes made by all. Buck took care of some of the traditional items, Sue made a cool looking jello-mold that was filled with yummy-ness.

carving a turkey

family hanging out in the kitchen

Mike made salmon with pasta, Tom made samosas and green bean casserole. Emily made bananas fosters ice cream and I made pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie and sweet potato pie.

We had enough food to survive for months! Eating leftovers the next day while still in my pajamas was the best part (:

Although it was 30 below when Tom and I arrived it warmed up to a bit above zero, so we took advantage and took a couple of walks in the snow.

lauren holding coco the dog in the middle of alaska snow

I also had a wonderful photo session with Emily, Mike and Sophia. Below are two of my favorite photographs. Very photogenic family!

sophia and her baby blue eyes close up

a man and wife kissing while holding their newborn baby girl

father holding his baby girl on his arm