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Leather, light, and line.

leather light and line of a couch

The leather couch is starting to show some memories of her own. by

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Crinkled and Cozy

an aerial view of my bed

Our bed becomes a different sculpture each night. Sometimes it calls for a photographic record. by

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Spread the love

A collection of random couplings

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and, while I believe we should show the one’s we love how much we love them everyday, I still love getting flowers and chocolate every once in a while. As an artist, I was influenced by the upcoming love celebration on a different level. I compiled a “Couple Collection.” Happy...

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A well deserved rest

creative photo of toys laying down in a crib

  Stuffed animals need their rest too. by

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Highchair as a Canvas

cheerios on a highchair

A new composition with every meal. by

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