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The Sistine Chapel is Dying.

image of part of the ceiling of the sistine chapel

This is a tough one for me. has reported that the Sistine Chapel is in danger of falling apart because of the some where near 20,000 visitors a day that visit the masterpiece.   I have had the pleasure of standing in the Sistine Chapel twice in my life.  And I plan on...

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Just the inspiration I needed.

photograph of mostly grass with an old man's feet sticking out from the top

Briony Campbell, photographer I can’t ever really figure out what makes me make art and what makes me stop for a certain period of time.  For a good amount of time I have had the intention of creating a project with the working title of “A Conversation with my Grandfather.”  The basis of the...

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Death in my living room.

a dying yellow flower

The pink and yellow tulips of last week are slowly crinkling to nothingness.  They are at the point where they are changing by the hour.  A sadness is starting to seep over the room, but I don’t want to let them go yet. by

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