Buying groceries never felt so good.

My mom and me on Art Break Day 2013!

I am becoming my mother.

My mom and me on Art Break Day 2013!
My mom and me getting geared up for Art Break Day 2013 (

When I was a kid, I never quite understood why my mom and I had to walk down every single aisle every single time we went to the grocery store.

Now I get it.

I take me son to the grocery store, not just to refill the fridge, but to grab some sanity while I’m there. He loves it, so I love it. We walk around the entire store talking about what we’re going to buy and what we’re going to make with what we buy.

We get to wander, not rush.

It’s a time for calm conversation.

It’s a time I already know I will miss.

I am becoming my mother.

As each day, week, and year passes I am noticing little tiny details in my demeanor and personality that are exact replicas of memories I have of my mother.  We can argue all night about nature vs. nuture, but I would rather not.  I think it is sweet and fun to pick out the pieces of me that are my mother, my father and me.

This weekend I discovered that I am becoming my mother because I enjoy watching TV while I fold my clothes.  I have distinct memories of my mother both folding and ironing clothes while watching Oprah.  Oprah was her laundry folding television show of choice.  Law and Order SVU is mine.

Love you mom.