Winter in Alaska – Linocut Print Series


A couple of months back I spent about two weeks in the Great White North.  Most of my time was spent indoors staring out large windows.  I was lucky the scenery was easy on the eyes.  I did snowshoe a few times and get to venture down a trail that seemed to only have about 2 other visitors.  When I arrived back home I had several vivid visual memories.

I’m excited to share my 5 print Winter in Alaska series.  Most of my prints from the last 3 years or so have started with a photograph.  This is the first time in a long time that a print has been influenced by a memory.  It’s a huge departure from my installation and project based work and I am loving it!  I told someone the other day that I’m trying to fully embrace all 8 Lauren’s that live inside me.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my Lauren’s.  The printmaker.

silouette snow

sunset tree

There are 9 originals of each of the 5 prints (except the sun at the top of the page – there are only 8).  I will be selling both the originals and an unlimited edition of giclee prints at my shop.  CLICK HERE to visit The Print Studio.

Oh won’t you be my neighbor

Mr. Rogers printed on Caltrans photographs

So, first and foremost I would like say that I am a total lame brain. I just received an awesome comment in my “comment box” here on my blog, but accidentally deleted it. If you are out there, person who commented on the Feminist bras and wanted to know if there was still time to be involved in the project—YES! I am still looking for some wonderful volunteers. Either leave me another comment, and this time I will make sure I don’t delete it. Or, if you don’t trust me, just send it via email to and I will email you back with my address and bit more information on what I need from you.

So sorry that I totally approved your comment and then somehow deleted it. WordPress can trick you sometimes if you aren’t careful.

On to another more happy subject. I am happy to say that I have finished another piece for my Significant Stranger Project. I have been painting images from found photographs onto old photographs from CalTrans. Anyway, I was struggling with the look of it and I didn’t feel like it was really delivering the concept I wanted it to. So I sat with it a while and came up with this.

Mr. Rogers printed on Caltrans photographs

Certainly a whole new idea. But, I am much more fond of it and believe it delivers a much stronger concept and, let’s face it, it is much cooler looking.

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and have always had a strange relationship with the idea of neighbors. My whole artistic endeavor is about getting people more involved with one another, but I have to say, I still want a tall fence around my backyard. Does that make me a hypocrite–maybe so. But, I’m sure there are more people out there who feel the same. I appreciate privacy and believe it is a right, but I do think that we should attempt to cross our own boundaries once in a while and get to know those around us.

New Art–Feminist Bras

portrait printed on a bra

portrait printed on a bra

Here are just the beginnings of this piece. I still need to print more women on bras and figure out how to show them. I am leaning towards pinning them along a rope, but don’t know for sure yet. Also, I am considering using underpants as well, but don’t know that those really deliver the concept as well.

portrait printed on a bra

I’m torn between the above image and the first image as being my favorite thus far. I just love the look of this (above) piece. Susan B. Anthony looking so serious on a pink bra kind of gives me the giggles. But, on another note the mixing of sex and feminism that the first picture delivers is also powerful. But, there are more bras to come so I’m sure that my opinion may change. I’m actually surprising myself lately–I’ve started to use colored ink. This has hardly occurred over the past 4 years, so I’m anxious to see where I am taken.

portrait printed on a bra

I will keep you updated.