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Death in my living room.

a dying yellow flower

The pink and yellow tulips of last week are slowly crinkling to nothingness.  They are at the point where they are changing by the hour.  A sadness is starting to seep over the room, but I don’t want to let them go yet. by

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empty bowls on a kitchen counter

This morning as I stumbled around the kitchen trying to put a cup of coffee together I noticed the beauty that the crumbs of broccoli can sometimes leave behind. by

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These shoes are too clean.

running shoes sitting on the stairs

A clear sign that I haven’t done enough running lately. by

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White walls.

light coming in through a window in the corner of a room

I think this might be my favorite spot to watch the sun slowly seep away from the walls. by

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I am becoming a photographer again.

the top of a wooden fence with the sun shining through

This week, for the first time in 5 years, I scheduled a time during my day to go outside and photograph.  This used to be my life.  My camera came everywhere with me and captured my life and the lives of others I saw along the way.  I stopped loving photography during my undergrad...

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