Vincent Van Gogh, who?

painting by vincent van gogh titled starry night

painting by vincent van gogh titled starry night
image courtesy of Van Gogh Gallery

This morning as I was attempting to convince myself to GET OUT OF BED! my husband said, “Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was alive?”

Think about that for a second.

Van Gogh is an artist that you talk about at a party because most people will know who he is and will have an opinion about his work.  His Starry Night is plastered around the world on almost every kind of surface you can imagine.

His paintings sell in the $35 millions.

Do you think Van Gogh worried about being a “successful artist”?

I think he just painted because he had to.

The Shoe Piece

a close up of a painting on the backs of shoes

painting on the bottom of shoes a close up of a painting on the backs of shoes

So, this is another piece that is in the works–It is as hard as I thought it would be! But, I think when I am finished with it in a few months it will look awesome.

This piece involves not only significant strangers, but a significant event. For this project as a whole I am attempting to use events that have occurred both before I was born and also during my lifetime in order to communicate the idea that the past has set up the world we live in today and we (as a collective whole) are, everyday, setting up the world future generations will reside in.

Photography has always been a significant art form and practice for me. I chose a particular photograph I remember being powerful for me the first time I saw it when I was younger. It was taken as Elizabeth Eckford entered Little Rock Central High in Arkansas in 1957.

painting on the bottom of shoes

I decided to use this photograph as my subject matter for my shoe piece. What I mean by “shoe piece” is I am painting on the bottoms of shoes that have been worn down by various individuals. I hope to conceptually deliver the message of “take a walk in my shoes.” Like most of my work this piece is about perspective and attempting to show the connections we all share.