The Red Balloon now has a second page.

linoleum block print of a girl running through trees while holding a red balloon

I just finished the second page of my Red Balloon Series, a story about a young girl and red balloon.  I have been trying to come up with as many scenarios to create prints from.  I know that in the future they will go on a bike ride together, go to school and maybe watch the sunset.  For now, here are the two of them running through a field together.  Looks like fun doesn’t it?

close up of a print of  a girl with a red balloon

Any suggestions for fun adventures for this young girl and her red balloon friend?

3 Replies to “The Red Balloon now has a second page.”

  1. This looks like a nice day. I wonder what she’d do if the wind was gusting and she had to hold on tight to prevent the wind from stealing the balloon away.

  2. Hey Tracy, YES! I have seen “Billy’s Balloon” and I absolutely love love love it. A bit of a different twist on a balloon story (:

    Hiya Sue! Wind is a very important thing to consider and will be playing a very big role in this story in just a few pages.

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