The Self and Portrait Project

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I was selected to create work for Window on Art in Corvallis, Oregon. My collaborator, Katrina Henry, and I created a participation based art project that enticed the community to not only join in on the conversation, but become part of the final artwork as well.

Project Description:

A stark and seemingly empty space will fill up over time as viewers choose to interact, participate, and develop an art installation. TheSelf and Portrait Project is about perspective, conversation, and community. By engaging an audience through self reflection questions we hope to ignite a simultaneous inner and outer dialog. By asking personal questions in a public space we aim to widen perspectives and encourage a different and hopefully deeper thought process. Perhaps the audience will not only think in terms of self, but also in terms of other.  By being interaction and participation based we strive to inspire connection and conversation on several levels, including artist to viewer, viewer to art, viewer to self, viewer to viewer, stranger to stranger, and citizen to city. While viewers interact and become participants and art makers they also become art objects. Each participant will be asked to stand and be photographed by us. A piece of each participant will make up a whole portrait that will come to represent the city of Corvallis.


Grab a pen. Write ONE WORD to describe yourself. Tape paper to the window so we can see your answer.





Grab a pen. Write ONE WORD you think others would use to describe you. Tape your answer to the window so we can see it.





Stand on the “X” and face the camera. We’ll take your portrait.









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