What I learned this last year

Baby Everett and Neko Dog's first year together

My son is celebrating his first birthday today. This last year has been amazing, awe-inspiring  frustrating, terrifying, and exhilarating.

A few things my one year old has taught me:

Don’t give up. From rolling over to standing up to picking up a cheerio, this kid never stops trying until he gets it. He gets frustrated, but he doesn’t quit.

Work on your flexibility. I’m not saying I want to be able to stick my toes in my mouth with ease, but touching my toes without groaning is a start.

Sometimes you just need to scream. Life will hand you moments that are so crazy, confusing, frustrating, and wild that a scream is warranted. Also, screaming into a pillow can be extremely therapeutic. Trust me.

Smiles are contagious. Smile. I promise it will make you feel better. And possibly that grumpy person next to you too.

Watch and learn. He just sits quietly (sometimes) and absorbs it all. We could all do with a little bit more observation.

You’re going to fall and that’s okay. I have watched him time and time again stand up and fall down and stand right up again with this built in determination. Nothing is going to stop him.

Always be curious. Even though it can get you into trouble sometimes, it’s worth the risk.

Breathing exercises can be beneficial. Counting to ten helps too.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Tickling and silly faces work wonders on a little boy. And, not taking myself too seriously works well for me. A bit of Bill Burr now and again never hurts.

Can’t wait to see what more I will learn from this sweet boy in the next year.

Happy Birthday Everett.

I love you.

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  1. Great introspective comments and observations. So happy that Everett has such a terrific mother acknowledging the joys and challenges along the path on the journey of life.

    1. What a different world for today’s children. Now instead of reading baby books to read about their childhood they’ll be combing the archives of the Internet.

  2. (♥) I love seeing all my transformative artist friends raising children. It is a pure art form!! It is totally ART! How lucky are these little ones to be with such creative and courageous Artist/Mom’s!! That create art as life and life as art! Cannot wait to see what and how this amazing collaboration between you and Everette, Niko, Tom, and you unfolds. Love, love the relational, space, and time aspect of this artwork! and of course soul!!
    Everette is a masterwork :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. I said to Tom the other day that I love being a Mom because I get to continue to feed that kid that will always be a part of me. We both know art is a great way to do this too.

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