Winter in Alaska – Linocut Print Series


A couple of months back I spent about two weeks in the Great White North.  Most of my time was spent indoors staring out large windows.  I was lucky the scenery was easy on the eyes.  I did snowshoe a few times and get to venture down a trail that seemed to only have about 2 other visitors.  When I arrived back home I had several vivid visual memories.

I’m excited to share my 5 print Winter in Alaska series.  Most of my prints from the last 3 years or so have started with a photograph.  This is the first time in a long time that a print has been influenced by a memory.  It’s a huge departure from my installation and project based work and I am loving it!  I told someone the other day that I’m trying to fully embrace all 8 Lauren’s that live inside me.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my Lauren’s.  The printmaker.

silouette snow

sunset tree

There are 9 originals of each of the 5 prints (except the sun at the top of the page – there are only 8).  I will be selling both the originals and an unlimited edition of giclee prints at my shop.  CLICK HERE to visit The Print Studio.

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